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5 Simple Steps to Increase WordPress Speed by 200%

Posted on October 18, 2017 by

Would you like to make your WordPress Site Fast? Here is the guide for 5 simple steps to increase WordPress speed by 200%. Compare your WordPress site speed before and after implementing these very simple steps and see difference.

Fast WordPress Site to Get More Traffic

WordPress is very SEO friendly by default and if you make WordPress site fast then you can get really good traffic. Wait, You must be thinking how would making WordPress site fast help me get more traffic? here is the answer:

  • Search engines consider site speed to rank. Search engines don’t really bring slow site on first page of search results.
  • Fast WordPress site is friendly for your visitors and make them spend time on your site. The more visitors spend time the more search engines consider your WordPress site a good quality and bring it on first page of search results.
  • Visitors will hit back button to look for another result if your WordPress Site speed is slow. You will lose visitors and rank in search engines.
  • Fast WordPress Site get index more quickly by search engines because they can crawl most of pages with its limited crawl budget.

Good SEO and content of site shouldn’t be the only priority to get organic traffic. A fast speed WordPress Site is important too to get rank and organic traffic.

5 Simple Steps to Make WordPress Site Fast (No Coding Needed)

In this article we will go through some of the most important steps to increase the WordPress site speed and optimize the performance by 200%. These steps will make huge difference to make WordPress site fast.

5 simple steps increase WordPress Speed by 200%

Step 1: Check WordPress Site Speed

How fast is your WordPress site? First of all you need to analysis your WordPress site speed. If it is slow what are the factors making it slow?

Never assume speed by opening your WordPress site in browser. All major browser store pages in cache when it frequently been visited. Since you may have been visiting your own site several times during development, designing and updates therefore browsers may load your site super fast because of stored cache. But for normal users it won’t be the same case.

There are some amazing tools available to analysis speed and performance. Pingdom is one of the best free tool to check your WordPress site speed. You may have option to select location from America, Europe or Australia in order to check speed and performance in different locations.

Pingdom to Check WordPress site speed

Pingdom will provide full stats of site speed and performance. Average speed should have load time from 2 to 4 seconds however a fast WordPress site usually have load time within 2 seconds. Remember, load time maybe vary location to location. Pingdom also give you full detail of your website which including page total size, HTTP requests, content (images, videos, scrips, css etc) size, performance suggestions, server response time etc. This might help to optimize and make WordPress site fast.

PageSpeed Insights by Google is another amazing and simple tool to check your website performance.

Google Insight to check WordPress site speed

WordPress Site should get from 70 to 80 out of 100 when test with PageSpeed Insights. However 80 to 90 out of 100 is consider to be a good optimized website.

Step 2: Choose Good Hosting to Increase WordPress Speed

You have fully optimized WordPress site and speed is still slow? You most probably using bad hosting Service. Try Hostgator, Bluehost or Siteground and see the results.

Hosting is very important to increase the speed of your WordPress site. You may optimized your website very well but you cannot make a big impact on website speed without having a good hosting service.

Shared Hosting: Hostgator, Bluehost and Siteground are good shared hostings. They are not too expensive and fit under your budget. Many developers have given them very good reviews. We have also hosted several website for clients with them. They are optimized hosting services and increase your website speed.

WordPress Managed Hosting: WordPress managed hosting are specially designed hosting services to make WordPress site fast and secure. They keep WordPress site updated, take regular backups, provide custom tools to optimize the speed and provide extra security. If you willing to increase your budget a little higher then WordPress managed hosting service by WpEngine is the right choice.

Step 3: Select Simple Theme to Make WordPress Fast

There are many WordPress themes available by different developers but we have to chose the right theme to make WordPress site fast. Some themes are fancy with so many features but they have too many HTTP requests on page such as fonts, script, css, libraries etc. Most of the page load time will be spent on downloading different components of the page. This will reduce the speed of your website. Try to select a simple theme and check its optimization using Pingdom.

A Good WordPress theme should have the following features:

  • It shouldn’t be using too many web fonts. It should use upto 2 fonts at time from Google Fonts library.
  • It shouldn’t be using multiple CSS files because page will send request for each single file. More css files means more request and more load time. It should use 2 – 4 CSS files. Usually theme should have combined all css files instead of several different files.
  • It shouldn’t have too many scripts and all being put on footer which let other component load first.
  • It shouldn’t depend on other plugins for interface such as page builders, sliders, shortcode generator etc. It should work with or without additional plugins.
  • It should be using CSS instead of too many images and backgrounds.

Selecting the simple yet elegant theme will already increase your website speed. If you have existing website and you do not want to change theme then please optimize your WordPress theme.

Step 4: Enable Cache Plugin to Increase WordPress Speed

Increase your WordPress site speed 2x faster with Cache Plugin.

Basically cache plugin cache the page of your WordPress site when visitor request that page. Generally a request through PHP sent to MySql to generate HTML page. This might take time but with cache plugin it cache page when first visitor requested and for the subsequent visitors it display that cache page without sending request to database to generate HTML.

There are many cache plugins available but We recommend installing W3 Total Cache. It is mobile friendly and works with most of the themes. It is easy and simple to use powerful cache plugin that will optimize your website speed.

Step 5: Optimize images to Increase WordPress Speed

We have optimize so many website which were using unnecessary large images. We have reduce half of the WordPress site size by optimizing the images.

Images give an elegant look to your website while they increase the website size too. A text and css based website always very light and load faster. But images are important part of website too. Hence compressing and optimizing images before uploading them should be your high priority to increase the speed.

With WordPress optimizing image is pretty simple and you don’t need to do much work before uploading images. Just install image optimization plugin on WordPress site which will reduce the size of your images without losing any quality..

We recommend using Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin. It will reduce the image size without losing any quality. It will scan all existing images on your WordPress site and optimize them. You may also define maximum width and height to scale down as they are being resized.

You can also optimize and compress images without any plugin. You may need an editing software such as Photoshop or online tools Pixlr Photo Editor.

  • Crop or resize images to reduce the size. For full screen images such as for slider keep maximum width 1600 pixels and for the rest of images width should be less than container width.
  • Use “PNG” format for images with transparent background. For the regular images use JPG format.
  • Try to use CSS instead of graphics.

Optional Steps to Make WordPress Site More Optimized

Your WordPress site should be 200% more faster now If you have already implemented above 5 simple steps to make WordPress fast. Here are some of more Optimization tips that will not only make your WordPress site more fast but also keep it secure.

Keep WordPress site Updated

Keep Theme, Plugins and WordPress Updated

It is good practice to keep your all plugins, theme and WordPress updated. because every update fix old bugs and add new features to keep your site optimized. Your WordPress site will become slow, unreliable and vulnerable to security threats if it is not being updated regular. Therefore keep updating all plugins, theme and WordPress to keep your WordPress site fast, secure and reliable.

Setup Content Delivery Network (MaxCDN) with W3 Total Cache

CDN service by MaxCDN setup with W3 Total Cache make WordPress site super fast.

Content Deliver Network (CDN) is a very powerful service to increase the WordPress site speed. Basically your site speed depend on hosting. Suppose you hosted your site with hosting company in Australia. Now your site speed will be must faster when browse in Australia as compare to USA. This is because your site server is in Australia which is closer. CDN service have multiple servers around the World. It will store all your statics files such as javascript, images, css etc in server around the world. When someone browse your website it will load statics files from closet server to that visitor. This will make your site load super fast.

We recommended using MaxCDN with W3 Total Cache. It is pretty simple to setup MaxCDN with W3 Total Cache. Just enable CDN service in W3 Total Cache settings and then authorize with key consumer key from MaxCDN. That’s all to make your WordPress site super fast using CDN by MaxCDN.

Optimize WordPress Database

If you are running a blog with lot of posts or have a website with lot of pages then your database will be full with lot of information that you most probably don’t need. A database should be optimize to keep the website optimize and fast. With WordPress this task is super easy without any programming skills. Just install any WordPress database optimize plugin and it will do the job for you.

Optimize WordPress Database with Wp Optimize

We recommend installing WP-Optimize WordPress plugin to optimize the database.

  • Every time you update WordPress post or page WordPress automatic keep the record of your every revision. Which means your database soon gets clogged up with old revisions. We don’t really need too much revisions store in database. WP-Optimize can remove all the revisions to optimize database which will improve your WordPress site speed and efficiency.
  • WP-Optimize also clean all those spam and unapproved comments in just one click. They were taking lot of space in database and completely unnecessary. This will keep your database optimize.
  • Automatic clean the database every week to make sure database is optimize. This is good practice and it will keep you WordPress site fast and efficient.

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