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5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Posted on March 21, 2018 by

In this article we will compare 5 best WordPress LMS plugins to start your own learning management system. With help of these WordPress LMS plugins, it will take you only 30 minutes to create courses, setup payment methods, start selling and manage subscriptions.

Is it really going to take 30 minutes to create WordPress LMS (Learning Management System)?

Yes, this is true. We have selected the 5 best WordPress LMS plugins which have all the features which are require to create fully function learning management system.

How do I begin to create my own WordPress LMS?

First Step, if you do not have an hosting service then please go to Bluehost and sign up for Optimized Hosting for WordPress or Shared Hosting plan.

You may chose any other hosting company too. But we recommend using Bluehost. Once you have your hosting setup, by default WordPress will be install on WordPress Optimized hosting or you can request your hosting company to install WordPress on your domain. Just select one of the following WordPress LMS plugin, download and upload it then activate the plugin.

It will take few minutes to setup the WordPress LMS plugin using settings panel provided by plugin. No programming or coding skills required. It is super simple and easy to setup your own WordPress LMS.

1. LearnDash


LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin is high rated best plugin to create learning management system. It is very simple and easy to use plugin with multiple features which are more than enough for any learning management system.

Creating Courses: create amazing quizzes, deliver all lessons at once or schedule them one by one, set prerequisites to complete one lesson before moving to next one, define and force user to spend minimum time before move to next lesson, friendly forum for course, grades book, points collection, badges and certificates for each course.

Selling Courses: Charge one time fee or recurring payments and subscriptions, easily connect with multiple payment method such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, compatible with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and membership plugins and sell each course separately or create bundles to sell multiple courses.

Administrate Courses: front-end user profiles, email notifications, create users groups, detail reporting for courses, assignments management and revoke access for courses.

How quick I can create LMS with LearnDash?

LearnDash is mobile friendly and compatible with all themes. It have very easy to use back-end which will guide you through with all the steps to setup quickly. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to setup basic LMS.

Why LearnDash is no 1 best WordPress LMS?

It have all the features that any other LMS plugins have plus many other multiple features that other plugins might not have. We personally have used this plugin on many websites and they are running pretty successful.

2. LifterLMS


LifterLms is another best WordPress LMS plugin to create learning management system. It is simple, easy to use with multiple features to create powerful learning management system. It is second best and highest in rating to create LMS.

Creating Courses: create courses with drag and drop course builder, add multiple styles for courses, create multiple quizzes and add time for completion, schedule lessons one by one, create prerequisites which require user to complete one lesson before go to next lesson, discussion area for courses, achievement badges and certificates.

Selling Courses: charge users simple one time fee or recurring fees and subscriptions, setup payment plans, setup one-time or recurring payments through PayPal, stripe or manually via check, credit card payments and management, pre selling course and sell in any currency in any country.

Administrate Courses: font-end user profile, customize to collect details from users, email managing, create customize sale pages, personalized emails, create courses bundles or sell each course separately and create private group discussion.

3. WP Courseware

wp courseware

WP Courseware is simple yet powerful WordPress LMS plugin with almost every feature for creating learning management system. This plugin is best for creating small and medium size learning management systems with its super simple and user friendly back-end.

Creating courses is super easy in WP Courseware with its drag and drop course builder. Create powerful quizzes for your course with features such as maximum time to complete, limit the retake and reporting. Create grades book and certificates for users. Deliver lessons one by one or all at once. Course prerequisites to force user to finish one level before reaching to second level of course.

It is super easy to connect WP Courseware with membership plugin or woocommerce. WP Courseware WordPress LMS works with most of WordPress themes. Easy to manage back-end system allow you to manage users , customize emails for courses, quizzes, grades and certificates, allow instructor to create, manage and edit courses.

Do you want to create a simple, easy and powerful learning management systems for your startup?

Yes, WP Courseware is the right plugin for you to create simple and easy LMS with WordPress.

4. LearnPress


LearnPress is free WordPress LMS plugin yet powerful to create small or medium size learning management system. LearnPress is free WordPress LMS plugin but it have all important features to create learning management system that other paid WordPress LMS plugins would have.

LearnPress provide drag and drop course builder with an excellent user interface to create multiple layouts and styles. Add multiple types of quizzes and lessons for each course. Create free or paid courses with one time payment or recurring payments. Define trial lessons for users before they buy the full course. LearnPress is easy to connect with WooCommerce and Paypal.

If LearnPress is free why do we need to pay for other LMS plugins?

LearnPress free WordPress LMS plugin suitable for simple and small learning management system. But it require you to buy additional add-on for more features such as advance memberships, adding capabilities for instructors to create, modify, edit courses and add users, payment methods such as stripe, Authorize.Net and 2Checkout, prerequisite which force user to finish lesson one by one than jumping to any lesson, schedule lessons one by one etc. LearnPress is free with simple features for free WordPress LMS. But For powerful learning manage system it require you to pay for add-on.

5. Sensei


Sensei is simple and easy to use WordPress LMS plugin to create small size learning management system. It is developed by WooCommerce so it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Sensei is super simple plugin that allow you to create courses and lessons as you do create post and pages in WordPress. You may create multiple courses with simple editor, add quizzes to spice up the courses and create prerequisites. It provide quick user registration and allow you to charge users by connecting Sensei WordPress LMS with WooCommerce. It is compatible with almost theme and mobile friendly.

Sensei is powerful plugin but it is very simple with limited features. Creating courses is not as easy as in other plugins. Sensei is best for creating small size learning management system specially when you are already familiar with WooCommerce. It is also little expensive as compare to other plugins which have tons of features.

Do you still want to know more about LMS plugins?

Please feel free to leave a comment If you need any help creating your own LMS system with WordPress or you want to know more features about the plugins that we have selected.

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